Curriculum vitae


Completed University Stuttgart,Germany with Diploma as Bank Kauffmann (Bank Merchant)

Local Branch Manager of Landesgirokasse, biggest Savings and Loan Bank in South Germany

Founder and Owner of PID Immobilien

1981 - 1986

Started with a single office in Stuttgart, Germany. Purchased apartment buildings and converted to Condominiums. With headquarter moved to Frankfurt, Germany, from 1981 to 1986 increased business to 15 Cities throughout Germany with offices from Munich to Berlin. Annual sales over 100 mi Deutsche Marks. ($ 50 mi USD) Focused on Real Estate Properties and Private/Commercial Loan Portfolio. Organized Private Placements for real estate investment funds, mortgage backed securities, mortgage packaging and business acquisitions. Sold company and its business in 1986 and moved to New York. After moving from Frankfurt, Germany to New York in 1986, Horst Philipp, the younger brother of Anton Philipp took over the families business in Germany. Today the Emscher Grundstuecks Gesellschaft, website Is owner of 2000 apartments in Germany and has a financial balance sheet in access of Euro 200 million.

President CIT Capital Inc., New York City

1986 - 1991

Worked in investment banking with CIT Capital and Rosenkranz, Lyon & Ross Stock Brokerage Firm, specializing in Private Placements, IPO’s, Merger & Acquisitions, Purchase Financing and Fund Raising for apartment buildings in Manhattan for Co-Op conversion.

Real Estate Development

1991 - 1995

Purchased Apartment Buildings, Medical Buildings and Hotels in Miami, FL. Completed a condominium conversation of a hotel in Miami Beach. Became President of EFS European Financial Services, an Investment Bank active in financing bridge loans for IPOs. Performed as a syndicate member and placement agent.

President of Wall Street Direct

1996 - 2001

a financial advisory firm in Miami with offices in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Portfolio and Hedge Fund Manager, Retirement Planning, Private Placement coordinator.

Return to Germany - Director of SMA Wohnen

2002 - 2007

a leading Real Estate Builder and Developer in North Germany. Directed 12 sales offices in North Germany with responsibility for property finance, cost control, sales force management and oversight. Packaged real estate properties – Euro 50 mi. ($ 75 mi USD) and up – for sale to offshore investors.

2007: Returned to the USA

Renewed licenses, including Series 4 Option Principal, Series 7 Stock Broker Representative, Series 24 Securities Principal, Series 63 State Laws, and series 65 Financial Adviser.

2008 - 2010

Represented Basis Financial as Stock Broker and Option Principal.

2010 - Present

Incorporated Weichsberger Financial Advisors, Inc. President & CEO.


In 1984, helped create Private Placement of Mortgage backed Securities raising 35 mi Deutsche Marks ($ 18 mi USD)

In 1986 organized Bridge Loans for IPO’s as a Placement Agent for Germany,

From 1986-1990 successfully acquired apartment buildings in Manhattan and converted them to to Co-Op ownership

In 1991 invested in Apartment Buildings and Hotels in Miami Beach. Accomplished first conversion of a Hotel to Condominium. Participated in and organized condo conversion for the Shelbome Hotel in SoBe.

In 1995 was Syndicate Organizer for the acquisition of Gabor Audio Manufacturing. Increased revenues by creating additional profit centers for Gabor Production including Sound Studio and Artist Recording. Sold enterprise to Rita Marley (Bob Marley Estate)
In 1996 became a Founder of Wall Street Direct, a financial advisory firm with headquarter in Miami and offices in Europe and S.America

In 2003 became a Partner at SMA Wohnen, Germany, handling the purchase and sale of multi million Euro packages of commercial and residential Real Estate.

Since 2008 owner and President of WB Financial.