1112 East 142nd Ave, Tampa, Florida 33613

Existing, 38-lot mobile home park in Hillsborough County. Situated on 4 acres of land, a total to 37 rentable units. A 3 Bedroom single family home owned by the Park is also on site. Purchased direct from the FDIC for $ 504,500 on 2/15/2014, the previous sale of this property in 2008 was for $ 1,880,000. When fully rented, this property will have a gross rental income of $ 280,000 income per year. In order to expand the property we have purchased the vacant 1 acre lot next door for $ 125,000. The zoning for the 1 acre lot permits up to 20 units to be build. Therefore, the entire 5 acres property we own has the potential to be developed into an apartment / townhouse complex with 100 units ! $ 1,020,000 annual rental income.

Note: The Limited Partnership is fully subscribed – No Equity Partnership available

This Investement Opportunity is for accredited Investors Only